Orchids and Shoes – 2

I do find it irritating when people steal my words for commercial gain.  (Shoes). I don’t particularly mind when they do so for non-commercial use which is why I’ve chosen the creative commons licence which permits non-commercial use.  (Stilettos).  But if you want to make money out of words, make it out of your own damn words.  (Sandals). As you remember, the last time this happened I contacted the individual concerned and asked for an invoice address, and they apologised and removed the material.

This time it’s one of those sites which says something like “Aphra’s site is fantastic – here’s her post on internet theivery” and then quotes the first 50 words with a link to the rest of the post. (Wedgies). The thief makes their money off the adds surrounding the post.  (Heelies). They presumably have google set to notify them of any posts in the blogosphere on their specific subject – in this case shoes (hence the podal tourettes – I want to see if the theif captures this in their fishing net) – and they probably automate the process of copying and pasting them too.

I confess to being amused that the thief removed my first two comments on the post in which I politely explained that I objected to the thievery.  I’m even sneakily impressed that the wording of the post has changed to “Aphra Behn is very entertaining” which shows an almost British use of the word.   Me, I’m finding the situation tedious, but there you go.

Anyways, I’ve now contacted the ISP with my complaint and we shall see what – if anything – happens.

Update:Success! I went round in circles with the ISP for a while; their dispute policy has loads of hoops.  However, I’ve just received a polite email from someone’s gmail account (presumably the blogger not the ISP) saying that the post has been removed and thanking me for my patience. Fine words butter my parsnips, so I’m more than happy with that. I’m curious to know if the ISP contacted the site owner, but it’s likely I never will know.

Hilariously, their bot picked up and plagiarised this post too, though it does show signs of hand crafting, since it starts after the end of the first sentence.  I’ve asked them to remove it, but once again I am sneakily impressed.  I am tempted to set up a blog and publish nonsense with the word “shoes” in the title of every post, but I do have a life, and I am not that petty. Devious, yes.  Petty, no.


6 responses to “Orchids and Shoes – 2

  1. I had a similar thing going on for a while, but there were obviously complaints and WordPress took the site down, which was a relief.

  2. Aphra

    I’m worried about you.




    Are you OK?


  3. I’m fine, Dr C. Just pissed off with automated sites set up to harvest blog posts on a particular subject, with the sole aim of gathering clicks in (from google searchers, presumably) and harvesting cash on clicks out (on ads).

    This may not happen to you because you focus on one topic, but it happens a lot to me because I post about such a wide variety of stuff.

    I can’t imagine it’s a profitable activity, but if it’s automated (which it is) then even a bob or two is easy money.

    I like sharing and discussing ideas, but if people want content on a specific subject to make money, then they should damn well pay for it or write it themselves. Making money using my words without my permission, (which I have explicitly given you, Dr C), may not be the greatest wrong in the world, but it’s still theft. Pure and simple.

    *breathes in*
    *breathes out*

    There, I feel better now.


  4. I think his concern is more spelling-related…

  5. Aphra

    I’m trying to widen out considerably. I have been round the houses so many times on the same issues that sometimes I lose the will to live – Andrew Wakefield has become my own personal maypole.

    Having my copy lifted? All the bloody time, and it really pisses me off. I don’t mind anyone quoting or fisking and I don’t mind big excerpts if people have the courtesy to ask and provided always they credit it. But I come across my copy in newspapers, magazines and all over the place. I complain, and sometimes get an apology but am usually ignored. I sent a national newspaper a bill for lifting 400 words without permission (they paid, surprisingly) but mostly I get nowhere.

    On the other hand, it’s good to be noticed.

    I frequently quote other bloggers but I always give prominent accreditation/plugs – I think that is fair, and good blogging ethics. And if I come across a good idea that I write about, I credit that. Aren’t I a goody goody


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