Rubbishing Art


Harsh critique, eh?

(Photographed with the Samsung G800, with the contrast turned up a bit with PhotoImpact).

2 responses to “Rubbishing Art

  1. Nice photo – it could almost be intentional art, instead of just art of no value.

    I grew up around paintings my father being an artist and he used to paint on canvas stuck down to blockboard to get a smoother surface. When he didn’t like one he would paint over it with emulsion and we would screw our lego train layout onto it.

  2. I think that’s my point, Z. That art is about framing as much as it’s about anything else. The canvases were Art when they were hung up on a wall. Then they became Rubbish when they were thrown out. Now that I’ve photographed them (and tarted up the photo) they’ve become Art again.

    To paraphrase Kipling:

    “It’s rubbish, but is it Art?”

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