The good, the bad and the ugly – part 2

Here are a few more corporate and business characters:

The Underminer

The Underminer seems to be the most helpful person in the room: they understand things quickly, they ask pertinent and clever questions, they contribute, smile and make the odd joke. However if you need them to do anything for you, at best they will do nothing and at worst they will sabotage you. To add insult to injury they won’t even bother to hide what they’re doing. They’ll criticise you for incorrect spelling but blithely fail to hand in their own homework, ever. Watch this failure to deliver: the underminer gets their greatest kick from humiliating you in public by letting you assume that the promises they made in private were true.

The proto-tycoons

Still at the stage of two porsches and a secretary, these young men live fast, drive fast, talk fast and pay slow. Your importance to them can be measured by the amount of attention they pay to you. If you are a minion in their world you won’t merit eye contact, if you can withhold something they need then you get their undivided attention. They are bright enough to stay within the law most of the time, but this is because they believe that only fools get caught, actually they think speeding fines, taxes and 30 day credit terms are for other people. Satisfyingly, a sub-set of them will spend their 60th birthday, and a dozen or so others, behind bars.

The working-class hero

It’s not a chip on his shoulder, it’s an entire timber-yard. In many ways he’s like the Netball Player, but he’s fighting the class war rather than the battle of the sexes. If you are more southern, more northern, older, younger or in any other way different, then you are – obviously – out to get him. He’s determined and will thirstily soak up new information and you will get loyalty for so long as you can teach him things. The moment he thinks he knows as much as you do, you’ll become “moody, unpredictable and impossible to work with”. Of course you will. On the other hand, if he sets himself a task, he’ll do it, no matter who or what lines up to prevent him. He’s a difficult but oddly likeable chap, life actually has dealt him some bum hands and he can be surprisingly supportive when women show vulnerability.

As before, these are of course entirely fictional.  I have a very active imagination.


2 responses to “The good, the bad and the ugly – part 2

  1. This time, it’s the Proto-Tycoon I know well and boy do you out it aptly. I suspect I have met an Underminer or two, but quickly learnt to avoid them.

    Love this series, Aphra!

  2. Thanks, Charlotte. There’s one more on it’s way for sure, maybe another after that.


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