On the brink

FlowerOn Friday, driving in to work, I saw the first green flurries of green coming out on the hawthorns, and I could finally welcome Spring.

Today I planted up twenty quid’s worth of perennials in my little slip of a bed 8 foot long and 3 foot wide at its widest.  Scabious, aquilegia, dianthus, saponaria, jacobs ladder, and a whole load of violas, since you ask.  This is all the garden I have, so it’s very important to me.

I love this moment, full of potential energy, when we’re poised and stationary at the top of the rollercoaster tipping delicately over into the accellerating, exhillerating plunge though the equinox, Easter, April and May to the riotous glory of midsummer.

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