Not in Cuneiform any More

I’d forgotten that I’d photographed a whiteboard at work today until I downloaded my other photos off my phone this evening.

Since this is a record of what I see each day as much as it’s anything, I put it up here as today’s offering.

Not in Cuneiform any More

It’s not inherently interesting, but in the context of this blog I take comfort that so much early cuneiform is the deadly dull record-keeping of Assyrian and Babylonian civil servants.

Incidentally, the optical zoom on the G800 was useful for this because it allowed me to stand at the other end of the table and photograph the board straight on and still get the image to fill the frame.

2 responses to “Not in Cuneiform any More

  1. I don’t know how you feel about that white board, but I am glad that I don’t have to sit in meetings with white boards like that. I think my nerves would quit on me after a very short time and I would start drawing graffiti and other obnoxious art on it. I do appreciate the fact that there are people in the world who can do this kind of work and who keep things generally going. You must have a very dedicated and focused mind to do this job.

    By the way, I had not realized clearly enough that we were discussing a phone camera and that does put a different face on everything, doesn’t it? Then I am very much interested in which is the better one, because I am planning on replacing my mobile phone one of these days. My husband has a digital camera, which I don’t use because it is his toy, so I need something myself. All suggestions are welcome.

  2. I like that sort of thing, because it’s a kind of thinking that I don’t get to do any other way. But it’s deadly stuff if it’s irrelevant.

    Regarding phones, I’m going to try to compare the G800 with the Nokia N95 this weekend and I’ll put the results up here. Physically I like the G800: it’s got a sensible amount of weight to it (not too heavy, not too light), it’s a good phone and you can see what sort of camera it is from here. It’s distinctly lacking in instructions; I think it does have the same amount of software as the Sony Ericsson, but it takes a while to find it without a manual or reference guide.

    Let me know which ones you consider and which one you get in the end.


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