I’ve just got myself a Samsung G800 which is a 5 megapixel camera with a phone thrown in for good measure. While I was NaBloPoMo-ing I found blogs which offer a photo a day for a year. I’m not up for that, but I’d going to try offering a photo a day for four weeks while I get to know my new phone. I’m not going to commit to posting daily, but I am going to commit to photographing daily.

Here’s the first one, reduced to 20% of it’s original size and rotated anti-clockwise by 1 degree.

7th Feb - Kitchen Windowsill

This was a matter of point and shoot, though you can see that I had the flash as well as the natural light. On the camera, the photograph looks rather dull, but it works on the screen. I doubt it’s as pleasing when printed though.

4 responses to “Photo-synthesis

  1. Oooh, a shiny new toy and shiny pictures. Me likes 8)

  2. It’s a very pleasurable photograph to look at. Dishes and a wine bottle with a view of distant hills. Are we in Tuscany? I hope all your photographs will be unusual and I am looking forward to them very much.

  3. As usual, I’m looking forward to seeing your photos. You have a good eye for them!

    How’s the thing doing as a phone? I’m thinking up schemes to “ooops, drop” my current phone and have been looking at the Samsungs for some time as possible replacement options.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I haven’t got it working as a phone yet, Santra, though I am impressed that I can load my contacts into my PC and into the phone from there, rather than having to piddle around with the phone itself. Unfortunately getting them off the Ericsson is nowhere near as easy. I’ll let you know.

    Not Tuscany, Irene. If only…

    Shrink, you are right, it’s a shiny happy thing.



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