What I did over Christmas…

Battle Of Pelennor FieldsWhat I did over Christmas was hang around in my PJs, drink tea, listen to podcasts, play spider patience and study.

What Missed Manners, his brothers and his friends did over Christmas was recreate the Battle of Pelennor Fields in his Mom’s living room. In candy. You don’t need me to tell you how cool this is. Just go and have a look for yourself.

Real people Living real lives. They rock.

5 responses to “What I did over Christmas…

  1. Are these the same people who did the battle for Helm’s Keep (or whatever it was called from LoTR)?

  2. Those guys certainly have a lot of imagination and a lot of determination too. I thought it was great. And then to eat all that candy afterwards! Yum!

  3. Awww bless, how sweet.

  4. That’s very impressive. I would not have the patience for a project like that. Or the room.

  5. Yes, Kelli, it’s the same people.

    It’s partly the scale of the thing, isn’t it Irene?

    But think of the sugar-highs, Shrink.

    Me neither, on both counts Raisin’Cookies.

    Thanks all for reading and commenting.


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