How wrong of me was it…

How wrong of me was it to be amused by the bloke carrying the 6′ x 5′ sheet of plywood who was almost blown down the street when the wind caught it this evening? He hung on like a good ‘un. Luckily the wind was on the plywood side, not the bloke side, but even so. I was deeply impressed. And amused.

Bad Aphra.

6 responses to “How wrong of me was it…

  1. I think that would have amused me to no end. I might have even laughed out loud.

  2. You will burn in hell (or be detained in hospital if HMG get their way), in that special place for those who enjoy laughing at the eejits on the X Factor, anything manic from Keith Cheggwin and laughing at any clip on You’ve Been Framed 😉

  3. There is a classic BBC show; “The Plank”. This event sounds somewhat like the show. I know I am going to burn in Hell for laughing at the show and at your story!

  4. *snigger*

  5. When i worked at a DIY shop, we would regularly see customers being blown about the car park. The funniest was when people would buy an 8′ long piece of polystyrene. It would always crack in half when the wind got behind it, and go flying off across the car park. Fun times. 🙂

  6. Glad it’s not just me then.

    It’s been blowing just about non stop for the last 10 days…

    I *loathe* wind, so this was a jolly little interlude.

    Thanks all for reading and commenting.


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