NaBloPoMo – Two to Go

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7 responses to “NaBloPoMo – Two to Go

  1. Yes, exactly. Well said, Aphra.

  2. I just found out why pig Latin fillers always start Lorem ipsum.

  3. I thought you’d gone all clever and was going to find my GCSE Latin dictionary. Then I realised this was the same stuff that design companies send me and expect me to replace with English.

    Still would like to know what it means but really can’t be arsed to find out. Anybody?

  4. It doesn’t mean anything – it’s pretend Latin (see my link).

  5. Oh, thanks. I confess to being a trifle disappointed – I expected a great philosophical truth to be in there or something. Hey-ho.

    But it does its job I suppose. I came across someone who used an alternative recently – completely randomly created ‘English’ words and non-words. Very distracting. It’s amazing how many were just a letter away from utter rudeness, or combined in such a way that made you (well, me) wonder what kind of tangled, messy coupling they were describing.

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