Insert Name Here

Oh, I’ve been tagged for a meme by Charlotte:

List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name. You can theme it to your blog or make it general. Then tag one person for each letter of your name.

A – Anger – the blog has been a good place to vent mainly political rage.

P – Patricia Hewitt – ironic to use a verbal medium to write about a woman who leaves me speechless.

H – Humour – when not Hyperventilating, I do have a sense of humour and have expressed it here, though it is a tag I keep forgetting to use

R – Reading – I ought to read other peoples’ blogs more than I do, but there’s a selection of those I read regularly, with the links to the ones I still miss left in for old time’s sake

A – Analysis – Q: What do mathematicians do when they are constipated? A: Sit down and work it out with a pencil. Well, I sit down and work it out with a blog.

And on that disgusting note, I’ll knock on your door telling you to use this meme if you want to, and run away into the blogosphere laughing.

2 responses to “Insert Name Here

  1. I wish someone would leave Patricia Hewitt speechless.

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