Fantasy CEO – The Last Round Up

The final Fantasy CEO scores are published, and congratulations are due to Jeremy Fraser and commiserations to those who were slugging it out on the first page.

There were some high ranking folks who were missing in the last round or two, which probably helped the rest of us slither up the rankings. I’m curious about where the drop-outs were positioned in the league table at the time that they dropped out, but simply cannot bring myself to cut and paste the data from 70-odd web pages into Excel.

I’m better with numbers when they are presented visually, so forgive me the indulgence of the charts.

Aphras Scores

As you can see, my place in the ranks bounced up and down in the first few weeks but it improved gently through the second half of the game. However I can’t help wondering how much that is because others dropped out. Since I set out to learn stuff, the real question is whether or not I got better at playing the game, and my balanced scorecard results suggest that eventually I did. A bit. Maybe.

But what went wrong for me in Week 3? At first sight I thought that maybe other people got better at the game in Week 3, and I got worse. Looking at my Annual Report, Round 3 was the first round I played to the scorecard, so it’s ironic that my scorecard results were worse in Round 3. That was when I decided that I had to undo some of the decisions of previous rounds, though, which might explain it. Mistakes whiplash through the subsequent rounds and I suspect you cannot afford to make any mistakes at all if you are going to do well in a league-based game like this.  That said, even the winner got a visit from Big Al.

I would like to play the game next year, if they run it, and if I have the time. I’d like to see if I have actually learned owt.

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