Guilty Pleasures

FireShamelessly stolen from Reed and Charlotte:

Six guilty pleasures no-one would suspect you of having?

Well, who knows what other people expect?

  1. Black lacy underwear. Always. Run me over with a bus any time you like, I’ll be wearing lovely undies.
  2. Open fires. Wood ones are the cleanest but I’m happy to settle for coal. Snuggling down of a winter weekend with a cup of tea, a good book and an open fire. Chilling with added warmth.
  3. Gold fillings. No-one knows or cares apart from me and my dentist, but they’re shiny and they’re cool and they’ll last me for decades and they’ve put his kids through college.
  4. Afternoon naps. I dearly love going to bed in the afternoon. Alone or in company, either’s fine.
  5. Freecycling. People give me things I want for free. People come to my house, take away my crap and thank me for it. Other people look at me strangely when I describe it to them.
  6. Cardamon flavoured ice-cream. So much more interesting than vanilla.

Six guilty pleasures you wish you had the courage to indulge?

  1. A tattoo. At first I didn’t because one didn’t. Then I didn’t because I promised my ex I wouldn’t. And I now that I can, I don’t because I no longer have the necessary surface tension.
  2. Fois gras. So delicious. So wrong. So I don’t.
  3. Drinking at lunch time. I find it hard enough to drink in the evening and drinking at lunch time is just wicked. I think I’ve done it twice in my entire life.
  4. Strappy bits of nothingness costing hundreds of squidlets and referred to as shoes. I have the feet of a duck and the ankles of a heffelump so I’ve saved a fortune by never buying Jimmy Choos or Manolo Blahniks.
  5. Road trips. Weeks and weeks of road-trips. Gas-guzzling, horizon-reaching, continent-busting road trips.
  6. Gadgets. I simply cannot bring myself to spend hundreds on electronics which is superseded the second it’s bought, but it would be nice to have Sat Nav and HD TV and Sky Plus and all the other 21st century gizmology that costs so much and needs replacing so soon.

Six pleasures you once considered guilty but have now made peace with:

  1. Puns. I will go to extraordinary lengths for a good pun. I once went to bed with a guy who commented that I was like an amateur ice-hockey player and my motto should be “will puck for funs”. Nuff said.
  2. Spending far too much money on Amazon. Some people achieve penury with gambling and booze, I could achieve it with gardening and books.
  3. Blogging. I’m still not sure why I blog, but I continue to find it enjoyable.
  4. Having my shopping delivered. Well, why not?
  5. Living in the country. I like to be able to breathe.
  6. Kinky sex. So much more interesting than vanilla.

5 responses to “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Here’s a deal: you accompany me to a sex shop and I’ll take you on a road trip!

    Great answers, Aphra. I think this is one of the better memes about.

  2. Drat. I’m boring. I have just one guilty pleasure: not quite working my absolute hardest.

  3. Charlotte, be careful, the last person who made a casual comment to me about road trips ended up north of the Arctic Circle one midnight three days later!

    C’mon Mary, you are hardly boring! Maybe you should let some guilty pleasures into your life, but you aren’t boring.


  4. Fois gras is over-rated. It was on the tasting menu at a restaurant we indulged in once. I would never have ordered it on its own, and after tasting it (I did not eat it all because it was just veryvery fatty liver and I’m not that crazy about liver) I probably never will.

    Amen about the kinky sex. Why do when you can overdo?

  5. Couldn’t have put it better myself, hmh. You do know that’s a line I’ll “recycle” later


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