Just looking

I’ve just come across the Visual Dictionary – which describes itself as a collection of words in the real world. I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit cropping the words in my photo collection, most of them captured by accident. I’ll upload them tomorrow.

But this raises some interesting questions: Is the meaning of these photographs in the image or in the word? Do you read them, or do you look at them?

Word Collage

2 responses to “Just looking

  1. I guess you do both at once, in the same way that you can look at, say, 5 dots and know there are 5 without counting (I think most people’s limit on this is about 8) – it’s still a number but you didn’t count, you just looked at the image.

    Doesn’t answer the question about where image stops and language starts however. I guess language is simply an interpretation of image and thought so to that extent the word is simply a vehicle through which the meaning of the ‘thing’ is transposed.

    No, I’m no nearer.

  2. strangely a smiley has appeared instead of the number eight.

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