Live music’s dead cool

Imagined Village CDI was listening to Front Row the other day and caught a piece about an update on English Folk which “fuses fiddles and squeezebox with dub beats and sitars” which I have to admit, appealed to me. Hey. I’m eclectic. It goes with the territory. It was about The Imagined Village.

(I liked what I heard of it up until I got onto the internet and discovered it’s a “project”. Still, as countless school-kids prove every day of the summer, you can get away with owt if you claim you’re doing it for “a project”.)

Anyway, when I heard they are touring, I decided to see if I could get tickets and I realised I’d rather spend 15 quid on seeing a band live if I’m not sure about them, than spend a tenner on a CD.

Odd that.

Still not entirely sure what to make of it.


3 responses to “Live music’s dead cool

  1. A CD of course, will sit in your house taking up more room than it deserves, and reminding you of the wasted ten quid, whereas an unsuccessful gig can be an Anecdote, and they are priceless.

  2. Go see the show if you can!
    I saw their launch show at WOMAD earlier this year and it was good fun with everyone seeming like they enjoyed themselves. I suppose being a fan of what a number of the artists do it was interesting to see how it would all fit together.
    The highlight being the Benjamin Zephaniah track where he’s projected above the musicians (that video section is on the imagined village website).

    And if you can get tickets for £15 then bonus. It seems like there are lots of bands/tours out there who want to charge upwards of twice that price. Ah for the joy of seeing a band in the back room of a pub with little or no entry charge, mostly it’s ok, sometimes excellent, even if it’s bad then you’ll have had a night out doing something a little different.

  3. How right you are Reed.

    Phil, shortness of cash and shortness of time put paid to that idea. I’m keeping an eye out for them next year though.


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