Harvested at Random

Reed’s post reminded me that the Randomiser is probably the best thing about NaBloPoMo. Here is a list of blogs I like:

Un-bloggy blogs:

Sketch of the Day – a treat and a treasure – grown-up sketches by a grown-up person described with wit and posted every day.

Le Pen Quotidien – another daily drawing blog, less assured and established, but still worth clicking through.

Things I’m Grateful For – an unconsciously thought-provoking private blog which could almost be an exercise in narrative style; it makes no concessions for the reader, neither bothering to explain context nor trying to engage your emotions. Oddly compelling, though I should warn you that it includes animated smileys.

Can I sit with you – a collection of fictional or fictionalised pieces by different authors about the general awfulness of school; the bloggers intend publishing the best via Lulu. A productive use the blogosphere.

From this you’ll see I’m not very interested in diaries, pregnancy, lactation, the extreme cuteness of the writer’s blogspawn, their relationship with their darling husband, recipes, church-bases socialising, or their dating and social lives. Those blogs give pleasure to their authors and do me no harm, but I don’t drop by twice.

Two exceptions might prove to be:

Shelves in my mind – the sort of blog I’d like to write; short considered pieces which examine everyday life with thought and humour. The writer is an American mother in the UK who writes thoughtfully and unsentimentally about her life.

Dairy Daze – More interesting for the quirk of the situation (a city girl who’s now a dairy farmer) than for anything else. Engaging though, particularly if you are interested in rural life in the 21st century, which I am.

7 responses to “Harvested at Random

  1. well, i happen to write a family blog but, i’m not offended that you don’t care for those. i do have to say, however, you have an amazing blog with a terrific writing style. do you mind if i put a link to you on my blog? i am not asking for a link exchange…i just don’t want to forget to come back to this blog!!!!

  2. Go for it – it’s a free internet! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the kudos for Can I Sit With You? We are really working hard to get the book published this month. It’s been a really great project.

    Amazingly, I think most of the stories are more on the real side rather than fictional. Of course most of the events happened 20 or 30 years ago, so who knows how much fact is lost to time?

    There’s still time to send in stories http://www.canisitwithyou.blogspot.com

  4. Sketch of the Day is awesome, so glad you found it. Steve is the real deal and it crackles with his enthusiasm for life and art. And so glad I found you, via snooping on Steve’s sitemeter!

    Rock on,

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your site. I means so much to know you like what iIm doing. It inspires me to keep going .
    Thanks again

  6. Keep up the good work Jen.

    Welcome to my site, Susie.

    Stephen, I always visit your site now, and every day I love it.


  7. I only saw this entry today, and I’m very honoured by your review of my blog! It’s a real boost to see that someone appreciates the ramblings of my mind. Thanks so much!

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