Christmas Pud

One of the things I like about this time of year is Christmas Pudding.  A good Christmas Pud is far too good to eat once a year on a full stomach.  I’ve always liked it cold for breakfast or fried in butter, if you want slices of it hot.

A couple of weeks ago I bought my first one of this winter.  It was a Tesco’s Finest and wasn’t bad at all: moist, tasty, good texture, recognisable bits of fruit and large chunks of expensive nuts.

And rather a strong smell of brandy.

Which I hadn’t taken into account when I decided to have some for breakfast at work the other day.


3 responses to “Christmas Pud

  1. ‘No, no, it’s Christmas pudding, really. For breakfast. Yes. In November. At work. Breakfast. Why on earth would you think I’d been drinking?’

  2. Who knew Christmas Pudding could be so controversial lol.
    I can’t wait until I buy mine.
    And it definately will be before Christmas day – like you said – they are too good to resist!

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