Call me Valerie Singleton

Just how stupid is it to sign up to NoBloPoMo, which involves writing and posting on your blog every day, and then to go away from home on two consecutive training courses for a full week?

So I thought I’d write some posts to have one one side and ask the one whom I trust with my password to post them on the days I was a way from the internet.

Which raises some interesting questions:

Is NoBloPoMo about writing every day?  In which case all I have to do is take a notebook with me and transcribe the lot to the blog when I get back.

Or is it about posting once a day in which case here is one I wrote earlier.


One response to “Call me Valerie Singleton

  1. I suspect it’s supposed to be about both, although “posting” is there in the name, leading me to believe that is the key. I’ve given up trying to post while away. It’s turned out to be too complicated.

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