Other forms of blogging

While clicking through the NaBloPoMo randomizer I found a blogger who posts one photo relating to her family every day. As photos they were pretty mundane; the first page alone showed three different dinners cooking in pans on the top of the stove. But the idea is interesting. On searching, I’ve discovered that there is in fact a whole Project 365 dedicated to the idea of 365 self-portraits. I lack the stamina and the vanity for that.

However, I rather fancy the discipline of finding one thing worth looking at every day, and then finding a way of showing it which is worth sharing. I’m not going to do that this month, obviously, but I might do a personal BloPhoMo for a month next year.

Likewise, elsewhere on the internet I found a blog consisting of 365 43-word pen-portraits. That also appealed to me mightily.

So I am thinking of doing more themed stuff here next year. We’ve had informal themes, particularly the MMC and MTAS shite-fest, the brain-dump about questions, and of course Fantasy CEO. I like the idea of moving that on from an indulgence to a discipline.

In fact, this blog could do with some discipline altogether. Quite apart from anything else, the words “I” and “me” turn up here too often, so maybe a month of posting without them would do me good. I’d like to get rid of some of my other linguistic quirks: I’m altogether too fond of complex verb formations as you can see clearly in the first paragraph of this particular post, and when I come back to my posts I often find them breathless and – well – colloquial. And there’s another one – that use of “well” to mimic hesitant speech. Maybe I’ll take a month and focus more on form than content and expunge those mannerisms. Oh, and a month off would be nice. In fact, I suspect a month off would be essential. I could take a zen-like approach to blogging by not blogging. A NoBloPoMo in fact.

So NaBloPoMo and Project 365 may spawn all sorts of oddities here next year. I will however spare you a month of haiku. That’s guaranteed.

2 responses to “Other forms of blogging

  1. I find themes interesting, but limiting. My own blog is still, first and foremost, for me. If I want that degree of discipline in my projects, I’ll go get a job again. 😉

  2. Must confess that I landed here via the BloMo randomizer and can see that there’s a lot more to see and enjoy here than photos of stovetop dinners. I’ll be back. 🙂

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