Aphra’s top tip…

Aphra’s top tip…

… if you want to retain any degree of respect and professional credibility among your colleagues, don’t tell them that you store you dirty clothes on the floor. They will look at you, but say nothing.

8 responses to “Aphra’s top tip…

  1. Oh dear.

    I even store some of my clean clothes on the floor.

  2. Looks at Reed, but says nothing.

  3. I lost all professional credibility long ago when I admitted that I wash darks and lights together. I don’t mind grey really.

  4. I have no professional credibility at all, but I store my clean underwear and socks on a chair, because if I put them in the drawer I can never find them again. I wash whites and coloreds together and I use the same temperature for everything. I suppose I would never make it in the real world.

  5. Isn’t that what floors are for?

  6. My professional credibility may have been damaged by…

    1. The TARDIS hanging from my rear-view mirror, bought for me by the husband of a previous girlfriend. (Really.)

    2. The statue of Brandon Lee as “The Crow” on a shelf in my office.

    3. My admission that I speak more Klingon than I do Japanese… despite having been to Japanese lessons.

    The wonderful thing about being an engineer is that, in reality, your “credibility” is not based on how you appear as a person, but rather on what you’ve done. Some of the most high-status engineers I’ve worked with have turned up to work in tanktops and sandals, with ponytails, and in one extreme case, in a Starfleet engineering uniform top on the grounds that all his other t-shirts were, quote, “minging”. Due to their abilities, there were no detectable adverse ramifications. Mind you, none of them had a girlfriend…

  7. I never discuss my housekeeping (or lack thereof) with my colleagues. Not that I have any professional credibility to spare, I just don’t find dust and all that very interesting.

  8. Ah. Well. The ability to see that there might be shades of grey is a subtlety too far, it seems, Mary.

    Your approach to laundry is eminently sensible Irene. And practical.

    The problem with my floors, Teuchter, is that I store dust on them. And the cat stores dead mice.

    SoRB, you are so right. My problems would dissolve into nothingness if I went further into the beating techie heart of the organisation. My mistake is to work on the fluffy edges. By the way, speaking Klingon hurts.

    HMH, I certainly wish I’d never mentioned it!

    Thanks all for commenting.


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