Lines and Curves in Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay has a structure called “The Stone Jetty”; I was blown away by the colour of the sky and the lines and curves of the structure and the wind. It was a perfect day for taking photographs – even the sky and the sand were full of lines and curves.

Morcambe Bay 02


MOrcambe Bay 03


Morcambe Bay 04


Morcambe Bay 05


Morcambe Bay 06


Morcambe Bay 07


Morcambe Bay 08


Morcambe Bay 09


Morcambe Bay 01

10 responses to “Lines and Curves in Morecambe Bay

  1. The pretty lines and curves in the sky apparently have a downside:

  2. Nice photographs, but not text? Not quite up to it today? Where precisely is Morecambe Bay anyway? No kidding, I have no idea! I am trying to locate you geographically.

  3. What a beautiful place, so serene. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos.

  5. Wow! Beautiful photos.

  6. I love all the shots, particularly the photo where the vapour trails seem to originate from what looks like a phone mast.


  7. Lush . . . but personally I favour Grange over Sands at the other side of the bay 🙂

  8. Beauty in the everyday. Wonderful images, Aphra. I love the tidal zone photo (#5)

  9. I am lucky enough to live in Morecambe and see these scenes every day but those are just stunning photographs that make it seem even more beautiful. Morecambe is in Lancashire by the way, about 30 miles north of Preston.

  10. Interesting about vapour trails, Dr G. Thanks for the link.

    I felt the photos didn’t really need text, Irene.

    Thanks for kind comments, Bobbie and Sphincter. I was lucky with the light.

    Interesting that you see the vapour trails as emanating from the mast, Woodpigeon. I saw them as converging on it. Odd how the eye works.

    I’ll make a point of investigating Grange over Sands next time I’m that way, Shrink.

    Thanks archie – that’s high praise and I appreciate it.

    Louise, I am seriously impressed that the design and rather quirky vision wasn’t lost in committedom.

    Thanks again, all, for kind comments.


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