Pop goes the weekend – Consultation document on MMC available

The following has just arrived in my inbox from Mums for Medics – I guess I’ll be spending the weekend reading the damn thing and trying to work out what I think of it, and where and how best to comment.

The document to which this link will take you –http://www.mmc.nhs.uk/download/consultation.doc – arrived in my inbox this morning. It was published yesterday. As you’ll see, it’s the product of a DoH consultation, which has included RemedyUK, about interim arrangements for recruitment in 2008. Remedy have a copy and will let me know their reaction to it in due course.

The Tooke review will make recommendations for 2009 and beyond and Tooke has been consulted on this document.

Despite the fact that it advertised its availability on the MMC website, as of this morning there was no link or other reference to it. It will have been sent to all those groups, like Remedy, who participated in the discussions that led up to its production but, failing immediate publication on the site, other interested parties may not have been aware of its existence never mind its contents. Certainly Peter Bottomley MP, to whom I sent it first thing this morning, was not aware. This is worrying, as the consultation period is incredibly short: it closes at 10am on Tuesday 25th September. The fact that the link appeared after Peter Bottomley emailed Martin Marshall, the Deputy CMO, to ask why it wasn’t there may, of course, be purely coincidental!

I have alerted Morris Brown, Gordon Caldwell and Andrew Lansley MP and Norman Lamb MP as well as Peter Bottomley. Peter has alerted David Cameron and some press, including the Press Association and I’ve emailed a copy to Victoria Macdonald at Channel 4 News.

This document is not, in my view, one on which it would be appropriate for Mums4Medics to try and form a collective view, but many of you, I know, will want to check its recommendations against the experiences and concerns of ‘your’ doctor and may wish to make individual representations.

3 responses to “Pop goes the weekend – Consultation document on MMC available

  1. Bastards! Thanks for the warning Aphra, will pass it on to my group if they don’t already have it. I’ve just finished writing a sarcastic post on health board terms as well-but they are just beyond parody sometimes..

  2. here is a similar fraudulent consultation exercise. see extracts and the link.

    “There followed a rapid succession of questions from the podium on which the delegates were asked to vote. The minder was available to suggest the best answer if there was any doubt.

    Strangely, almost all the votes were 2:1 in favour of Nulabour’s policy. Even the question: “Would you prefer gynaecological surgery to be carried out in your GP practice even if it meant the closure of your DGH facility?” was answered with 2:1 in favour.

    Following the “consultation” the medical delegates were told to leave but the other 2/3 of the audience were kept back and each given an envelope. My colleague was intrigued by this and managed to catch one of the “chosen ones” and ask about the contents. Each envelope contained £75 in cash!

    So now the consultation is over and the results indicate there is overwhelming public and doctor support for closing down the DGHs. I can only say that the way the voting was done makes the “Blue Peter” voting fraud seem like, well, “Blue Peter”.

    According to the Downing Street website there are nine more of these “consultations” due around the county. Thats an awful lot of people to bribe with taxpayers money, but once they’re done the business of closing the DGHs can start in earnest.”

    extract from http://drraysfocalspot.blogspot.com/2007/09/nulabours-hospital-closure-consultation_21.html

    i wonder if many govt consultation exercises are fudged like this. is this the same with immigration consultation exercises and MMC consultation exercises ?

    all the news channels are making a big fuss about the blue peter badge scandal. where the hell are they when something much more serious is being fraudulently peddled like these consultation exercises being bought with bribery. or very short consultation periods with only a select few intimated and excluding other interested parties like BAPIO. guess having had judicial intervention in 2007 wasnt enough and they are inviting more of the same for next year.

  3. What a depressing thought Vinay, and how extremely likely it is that you are right about consultations.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for taking time to comment.


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