Another day, another dolour

I’m not entirely sure why I’ve not been blogging recently. It’s been a so-so week, and I am singularly lacking in insight or inspiration.

I dunted the wheel of my car on Sunday night and am lucky that instead of blowing on my way to work on either Monday or Tuesday, the tyre decided to wait until it could deflate gracefully and safely while parked overnight so that I had a flat tyre on Wednesday morning. The Internet found me a replacement wheel and tyre for thirty quid. No-one round here seems to pay VAT. It would have been twenty-five if I’d got the cash on me.

I got dicked for overstaying my parking ticket on Friday. It was a fair cop, I was 20 minutes late coming down to buy the replacement, but the only reason my parking expired at lunchtime was their bloody machine wouldn’t take my pound coin. The chap checked that the machine really wouldn’t take my coin and recommended I went to the Parking Office to appeal. He also said he’d noted down that I’d been nice about it in his report. Thankfully I’d bought a pain-au-chocolate as a Friday Treat so I paid for that and my morning tea with a tenner, and still had the pound to demonstrate.

One highlight was finding Paddy K‘s blog while I was doing a search for goofy road signs to illustrate a presentation with. I couldn’t post and say “Hi” because blogs are blocked at work.

We are playing musical jobs again. When someone asked me what I was going to be doing next, I realised that I have absolutely no idea. It really is a case of buzzword bingo. Operational improvement process excellence cross-functional service divisional programme scope phase. Take your pick. I’m sure I’ll find it’s worthwhile once I’m doing it. Of course I will.

So all in all, a very bland week.

But I remain grateful that tyre didn’t blow.


5 responses to “Another day, another dolour

  1. Singularly lacking in inspiration? I don’t think so! The title, “another day, another dolour” made the visit worthwhile on its own. As someone who normally tries to be pleasant, I’m glad that “being nice” counts for something – so often these days it’s the people who rant and rave who get results. On a completely different tack, how’s the 10,000 steps a day doing? I recently bought a pedometer and was shocked at my inactivity and am now making a concerted effort to get up to 10,000 a day – am currently running (or should that be walking) at around 7,500.

  2. They block blogs at your work? The bastards… Here’s what you do:

    Go into this very handy site:

    This is a proxy site that allows you to surf to any site via their server. If the tech dudes aren’t sharp, then this should work nicely. It’s also easy to understand. Enjoy!

  3. Useful, Paddy. Thank you!

    Unfortunately I know the tech dudes personally as well as knowing them as colleagues and now have the ethical question of whether or not to grass myself up!

    Another day, another dilemma.

    Thank you for your kind words Around my Kitchen Table. The step meter got stuck on the mantle piece. 7,500 is actually quite a bit of walking to cram into a day. I was averaging between 4,500 and 6,500. I should start using it again and reporting regularly.

    Thanks both for reading and commenting.


  4. That’s pretty mean of work . . . I spend a goodly amount of time at work generating teaching materials and as such access a wide array of sites. There are a slew of blogs I visit on a daily basis. I’ve yet to visit any site that’s been blocked. Methinks Big Brother are being overly officious with you . . .

    . . . as an aside, last Friday I went to the local garage when my twho back tires were notably bald. Although my car’s not needed anything expensive done to it since I bought it a few years ago I have been unlucky with punctures (I do a lot of miles). They recognised me and brought up my car’s past orders on their ‘puter to order the same tyres again, which makes it ten tyres I’ve now had from them in 3.5 years . . .

  5. Speaking as one who used to be in charge of the tech dudes, can I just point out quite how difficult it is to design and enforce an internet access policy at many workplaces? How on earth do you specify what sort of sites are OK, once you’ve blocked really really obvious porn ones?

    If you say to the senior manager of a team, OK, we can block any sites you like for your team, which ones do you want blocked, they are seldom very helpful……

    In the sector I worked in, we had enough people whose time was very expensive that the most sensible policy was to allow pretty open access to everyone, but to make sure that everyone knew that it was possible to track which sites they had visited and how long they had spent there. Needless to say, we didn’t actually look at this data routinely, but we had to occasionally. Some people take the piss by spending half their day playing around on the internet (wasting the cost of their time and also the bandwidth). We once had to sack a whole team for looking at animal porn.

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