On Reflection

I enjoy the pepper’s ghost effect of images reflected in glass. This is partly because the brain is not entirely sure what to focus on – is it a girl or is it an old lady? Is it an homage to Mondrian in red and brown and white, or is it a photo of the back of a girl on a ferry? There is also the fact that composition is even more important when dealing with reflected images, there is just more that can be out of alignment and wrong.

Anyway, because I am all worded out right now, here are some photos of more or less reflective surfaces.

On the Westray to Mainland Ferry - Orkney

On the Westray to Mainland Ferry – Orkney

Flamenco Dresses - Seville

Flamenco Dresses in Shop Window – Seville

Alton Towers

The Orangery in the Old House – Alton Towers

Kew Gardens from within the Palm House - Kew

Kew Gardens from within the Palm House – Kew

The Post Office Tower - London

The Post Office Tower – London

The Largest Glitter Ball in the World - Blackpool

The Largest Glitterball in the World – Blackpool

Woodchester House - Glouscestershire

Woodchester House – Gloucestershire

6 responses to “On Reflection

  1. Very cool photos. I particularly like the one on the ferry. My digital camera has a lot of trouble focusing on reflections, so I haven’t really tried to get good images. I tend to get stuck in the clouds, as you can see if you visit my latest post on Monument Rocks in Kansas.

  2. If you like the Pepper’s Ghost effect, you simply must read “Hiding the Elephant”, a history of the golden age of stage magic. It goes into various variations of the effect and how they were achieved. It’s *great*.

  3. I’m beginning to make a list of things I want from a camera hmh, prior to trying some out. I want a decent lens, the ability to point and shoot, (instead of point and fiddle, peer at the controls, manoeuvre around the menu, change menus and then shoot. I’ll make sure that focussing on the image and not on the glass is one of the things I check out.

    Amazon resellers are wonderful people SoRB – it’ll be with me next week.


  4. Thanks for the link, Mr Weasel. 🙂


  5. I have now met the camera I would have if I had about $2500 that wasn’t needed elsewhere. My brother has a Canon digital SLR with all the right amazing lenses (like a macro telephoto zoom) and he let me play with it in Colorado. Amazing piece of equipment. I’m in lust.

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