Stats tart

Recently one of my MTAS posts has been topping my stats chart. It turns out that it is being sought out by scat-seekers because I had illustrated it with a stolen picture of a turd. Who’d have thought if you put “poop” into Google Images you’d get a link to a post giving my opinions of Ms Hewitt.

Satisfying though it is, I’ve renamed the picture “MTAS” and hopefully the scat-seekers will eventually go away. It pleases me to think that some may do what I did, nick the picture and use it elsewhere, and that eventually a search for “MTAS” will produce a picture of a heap of shit.

3 responses to “Stats tart

  1. Why do you want them to go away? They are obviously brain-dead. Surfing your blog might even make them think!

  2. I like to lure porn seekers to my blog and then make them click links to sex addiction recovery sites — it’s like putting a “free beer” sign on the door of an AA meeting. Is there a Poop Lovers Anonymous group you could pass them off to? 😉

  3. sonofrojblake

    There isn’t an appropriate entry I can attach this too so I thought I’d just put it here in the most recent place…