Nell is a jobbie

You see, I rather like graffiti. I know it’s supposed to be vandalism but I can’t get my head around that. Yes, spray paint on the roof of the Sistine Chapel would most definitely be vandalism but let’s face it, planning departments commit acts of desecration all the time.

I should work this up into a full-on essay putting the case for graffiti. I’ll mull the subject over I promise you because it is one that I do have definite opinions on. In the meantime here is a favourite piece from a car park in Fort William which I like for its concise, childish elegence and because the name is so middle-class. The boat is a pictorial bonus.

Nell is a jobbie

4 responses to “Nell is a jobbie

  1. I had a teenage student in Russia who was into the whole grafitti scene over there and we got chatting about it once.

    Anyway, she said that there were ‘rules’ about where the really serious graffitti crowd would and wouldn’t spray. The idea was that anything that was, in its own right, beautiful was strictly off limits. As was writing rude and unpleasant things – on the same grounds of not leaving the place you’ve drawn on worse off.

    She said anyone who tagged just for the sake of it, wrote on monuments and other areas of ‘natural’ beauty, or scribbed random swear words were called ‘toilet writers’ and sneered at. I’m not sure she’d have been terribly impressed by your picture, pithily descriptive though the message is.

    I suspect she softened the translation for me there, by the way.

    She kept a photo album of her and her friends’ best work. It was pretty cool actually.

  2. Did I point out the sheep graffiti in Canterbury? Iknow it’s stencilled, which I think is probably viewed as cheating, but it makes me smile. As long as they don’t put any sheep on the cathedral, castle etc. That would make me *cross*.

  3. I like the “beautiful things should be left alone” rule.

    The types of graffitti has me split in opinion: The big wildstyles can be quite impressiv and beautiful and can, under good circumstances, actually improve on whatever they’re painted on.

    Tagging, on the other hand, seems infantile, rude, and utterly pointless to me. Just putting your name over and over and over again all over the place? Get a life!

  4. On the theme of graffitti, there’s nice stuff in Derby, including a lovely piece on a bridge that always raises a smile, it reads ‘What parents are your drugs on?’

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