Other peoples’ chores are always so much easier than one’s own.

My Pa and I always preferred doing each others’ gardening to doing our own. I’m spending the weekend helping the one I don’t live with to sort his stuff out before he moves. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole process; even buying a vacuum cleaner for him which would normally put me into a dither of indecision (the well-known brand with bags, vs the unknown brand without …. is the extra 30 quid worth it for this one … etc).

If it was my crud we were busting, then I’d be resisting like a cat who’s just seen its vaccination form and the cat basket. Instead, I feel like Clint Eastwood right now, wandering around asking rubbish if it feels lucky.


2 responses to “Crud-busting

  1. I know what you mean. One’s own mess is so DULL.

    Fancy a visit to Germany? I need to declutter the toy debacle.

  2. Are you still too immersed in decluttering to pop over tothe Burrow and view my responses to your questions?

    The Burrow is awash with clutter if you’d care to lend a hand…..

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