Too Much Information about fridges and freezers

Not my fridge, and not my door, but the picture made me smileThe door fell off the fridge this morning.

There I was, late for work, (hey – it’s Friday) putting the milk away, and suddenly the fridge door and two eggs are on the floor.

I can’t really complain about this particular fridge. I bought it in 1994 or so as the cheapest of all available fridges to use in the office. It lived there for a couple of years and then spent five or so years in the garage as a beer fridge; when I got it back it moved with me to a flat for a while and now it’s here.

When it came here I had to turn the fridge door around. Not a problem I thought. See – here are the fitting holes to put the handle on the other side. What I didn’t discover until it was Too Late was that though the door was handed, the the bracketty hinge-thing wasn’t. As a result the door has been a bit precarious ever since. I forgot this and filled it with wine. And eggs. With the results I am typing about now.

So I’m gonna get me a new fridge. For various reasons I won’t bore you with, this is going to involve a significant amount of scuttering around in that corner of the kitchen and a friend taking away the freezer. (What does a single bloke want with a full-size freezer? Pizzas, I suppose). I will end up with a nice new fridge-freezer and a gap under the counter where I can Put Things. What’s not so good is that I think I will find little mousey murder victims when I start moving everything around. We had a crop of flies last week, and there is definitely an Odd Smell in that corner.

Immune systems; use them or lose them.

At least the eggs weren’t off.


2 responses to “Too Much Information about fridges and freezers

  1. Once my dear husband arrived home with an old used refrigerator in the back of his truck. We already had a very nice, and large, new fridge. When I inquired as to why we needed an extra refrigerator, he explained that he needed to lager beer. So maybe your single friend has a need like that?

  2. Good thought. Frozen margaritas, perhaps?

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