This weekend I have

  • Freecycled:
    • a load of scatter cushions,
    • some crystals,
    • a bunch of half-burned candles,
    • miles and miles of voile,
  • Offloaded an assortment of unwanted “gifts” onto a charity stall organiser, including:
    • a photo-album covered in varnished leaves
    • a set of vanilla scented candles and
    • a thing you put in a frying pan and break two eggs into so that you can serve up fried eggs in the shape of a willy – tres droll
  • Signed-up as a reseller on Amazon Market Place and made my first sale from the stack of books 18″ high which I have listed there for reselling
  • Decided that 35 quid is too much to pay to clean and scotchguard a suede handbag that I bought for a fiver even though it was a glorious shocking pink; I am going to take it to the tip – eco-terrorist that I am
  • Bought a table for my TV, video recorder and DVD player and moved them from the cardboard box they were sitting on

This has been brought about by the sudden arrival of a sofa-bed.

Unfortunately I don’t live in a Tardis: my previous domicile was on a larger scale than this one with furniture and bookshelves to match. When I moved in I had to recycle my previous sofas and I’ve been making do with an enormously high day bed ever since. Overnight guests needed oxygen cylinders and crampons. It was ok pro tem, but that was 18 months ago and this is now. Dismantling the daybed uncovered boxes of stuff – hence the need to unload.

I’ve still got more boxes than I’d like in my living room, but at least we are down to essentials like books.


3 responses to “De-cluttering

  1. In preparation for moving house I’ve lost a kids playhouse, 2 boxes of toys, some toy instruments, a PC case and motherboard, glass candlesticks, photo frames, 2 bin bags of clothes (mostly dressing up clothes) and bookends to Freecycle, a friend and 2 local charity shops this weekend.

    Having packaged away most of our worldly possessions in to boxes, the house is frightfully minimalist which instantly has become hellishly attractive to maintain . . . no clutter, no mess, nothing to tidy up.

    Put our kids to bed last night then there was nothing to tidy up. I know, I know, such ephemeral moments are not meant to endure, but for now a permanently de-cluttered house is a delightfully alluring if wholly unrealistic dream!

  2. If you find you have books you don’t think you can sell and/or you don’t want to take to a charity shop, you could have a look at as an alternative way of de-cluttering. You know the books are going to a good home, and you can also get hold of some unusual titles yourself in return. I’m in the midst of de-cluttering before my August house move, and have found Amazon Marketplace, charity shops and Bookmooch have all been used. No Freecycling yet, as I need all the furniture and so on that I have.

  3. Isn’t a bit of decluttering wonderful for the soul?

    I did a bit of weeding out before we put a lot of stuff into storage, prior to the builders starting. Most of it is still in limbo and not missed.
    We’re waiting for our daughters to tell us which pieces of furniture and white goods they need before we can decide what to do with the rest. It’s a bit like waiting for that first domino in the line to be tipped over; nothing else will happen until it falls.

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