Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday

I am going on holiday, and may not blog for a couple of weeks.

This means that there will be a lot of comments in the meantime saying “interesting” and “nice” which link you through to Ford or Honda dealerships. Would you buy a used car from those sites? I’d much rather have comments offering you dodgy lesbian sex sites, but unfortunately one cannot choose one’s spammers.


5 responses to “Summer Holiday

  1. Have a wonderful time Aphra.

    You should see some of the linked sites I get spammed with! Lesbian sex offers are among the milder sites!

  2. Have a good one. Better than some boards that fill up with offers of V1AGRA and male organ enhancement. Which, of course, I always ignore and anyone saying otherwise is a liar 🙂

  3. Why dodgy? I’m sure you’d prefer no-holds-barred safe lesbain sex sites….

  4. Hi, Aphra.

    Hope that you’re enjoying your hols.

    I just tagged you on my blog and, if you want to join in once you get back, you’re supposed to give five reasons why you blog, and then tag five other people with the same question.

    You’re under no obligation to join in, but I just wanted to tag you since you were one of the first blogs I ever read when I started my own blog.

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