Fresh Bubbling Elderflower Water

I was dodging puddles on my way home this evening when I smelt the the almost overpowering scent of elderflowers. This is not what they mean when they advertise “Fresh Bubbling Elderflower Water” is it?

Fresh Bubbling Elderflower Water


7 responses to “Fresh Bubbling Elderflower Water

  1. So how many sprigs of fresh elderflower per bottle of bubbling water? And have you ever tried making your own?


  2. About quarter of the tree’s blossom for every two days’ wind and rain. 🙂

    I parked by the same puddle this morning but the council had been by with rods during the day and the whole lot had drained away when I picked up my car in the evening. Spoil sports.

    I have a horrible feeling home made elderflower water is a hangover induced migraine just looking for a head to happen in.

    My grandmother used to hang muslin bags of elderflowers over the hot tap to scent the bath water, and she used to scent gooseberry jam with elderflowers. Un-nerving to be offered a jar of “old goose jam” for tea.


  3. My M-i-L used to make elderflower flush. It was vile, as was the elderberry wine.

  4. Hello, Aphra. How are you these days? I went AWOL for several months, but I’m back now. Oh, there’s a blog I found that I think you should check out. Somehow, the way this woman writes reminds me of you. The subject matter isn’t really similar but you both write in a very insightful way. Anyway, it’s called “A Room of Mama’s Own” and the website is:

    Keep on dodging those puddles!

  5. [envy envy envy]
    I have been trying to take that photo for months!

  6. Someone popped by my blog from this page, and now I see why. I have been poking around and enjoying what I read. Glad I found you.

  7. For some reasons I missed these comments.

    I’m always very suspicious of “wine” that involves anything other than grapes. Most of them are simply migraines in bottles so far as I am concerned.

    Good to see you back Serizy, and thank you for introducing Mary to me and me to Mary.

    Archie, you are kinder than you should be.

    Hi Mary, and welcome. Now that I’m back from my hols I’ll be round yours too.


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