Aphra Needs….

Here’s a silly thing I picked up from Charlotte. You type your web name into a search engine with the word “needs”. “Aphra needs” is nearly but not quite a googlewhack:

Aphra needs temporary work space. If you know of any, please call Claire Scheinbart at 737-5274

But somehow, I don’t think aphra needs our help.

Aphra needs to be the center, which makes sense in a decentered world.

There’s not much there, so I removed the double quotes and discover that it takes a lot to keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed:

APHRA depends in funding on international and regional organizations and …

Or perhaps we might want to plan a public function, such as a fund-raising event for Aphra which, we hear, needs a sizeable contribution

I rather like the sexiness of this one:

Read the poetry of Aphra Behn. … who, by all Means wou’d needs see her undress’d, for other Reasons more than a bare Compliment; which she perform’d with …

In reality, there’s not much I need right now, except a cup of tea and Patricia Hewitt too develop an illness too complex to be treated privately, preferably one which requires undignified and invasive treatment, painful investigations and where the national centre of excellence is a rather run-down teaching hospital.¬† I want her illness to be really, really obscure too, so that the students all have too trail past and be asked too demonstrate that they understand the least savoury aspects of it in a public ward.

Just a thought.


One response to “Aphra Needs….

  1. Hmm – achieved googlewhack with “Teuchter needs” – then removed inverted commas and the first two links were to your blog.

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