You can take the Health Secretary out of Andersens…

Ms Hewitt reviewing the evidence-baseYou can take the Health Secretary out of Andersens, but you can’t take Andersens out of the Health Secretary.

From the Guardian:

Mr Straw denied reports that officials shredded documents on the troubled NHS IT programme to stop them becoming public.

Mr Heath protested at “the decision of the Office of Government Commerce to destroy the gateway review documents on the cost of ID cards and other misdirected and mismanaged IT schemes”.

Mr Straw said: “My understanding is that these gateway reviews have not been destroyed.”

He said the Freedom of Information Act provided for a “whole series of exemptions” allowing the release of documents to be refused to “ensure the proper functioning of government”.

(If my sarcasm assumes too much prior knowledge, forgive me. Ms Hewitt used to be Research Director for Accenture, the consulting firm spawned by Arther Andersens. Andersens is most famous for shredding tonnes of evidence when one of their largest clients, Enron, collapsed taking Andersens down with them.)

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  1. supportrealworkingdocs


    how about doing this in more detail, and collect a growing body of evidence ? Suggest the following, 2b expanded wiki-style:

    Background of the MMC/MTAS disaster
    Collecting Facts & Connections

    (un?)political Background: “The Work-Life Balance Trust”
    Very nice: Calls itself “An independant charity, with no political affiliations”
    please look at “Big Bouquets and Thanks to our Sponsors”
    Names ring any bells ? Check Representatives of the Medical Profession
    Check representation of health care organisations, and current development of the workforce in the NHS.
    Any parallels here ?

    Debbie Mellor:
    Can’t say she has not informed us:

    Details the plans for Modernizing Medical Careers.
    -> 2. HR Director Vacancies
    VERY IMPORTANT!! Who got the Jobs? Can somebody please find out ? These are the people responsible !!

    Talk 2005 “Choosing Health Workforce Development”
    In this slide show she demonstrates the new NHS workforce, extremely interesting is page 2 where she details a 9 level Draft Career Framework for Public Health Specialists. See details of job desciptions, and complete lack of representation of the medical profession.

    Talk 2005 “Examining the Evolving Role of HCAs in a changing NHS”

    On Accenture / Methods’ Consulting role in the MTAS process:
    a very nice piece:
    Interesting: CV’s of directors

    Let’s collect more evidence, and send it to They may need it soon to discuss the Tooke review.

    Cheers, JG

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