Bowling with MILFs

Bowl me over, in the cloverLast night I dreamt I was participating in what could only be described as a “7-in-a-bed Lesbian Sex Romp” with members of the WI.

That’s what comes of spending the evening Bowling with MILFs.

Er… that was too much information, wasn’t it?

Oh well.

8 responses to “Bowling with MILFs

  1. hehe . clip art scarcely gets more exciting.

  2. It’s the high heels which worry me. What will those stilettos do to the lanes?

  3. I hardly ever remember dreams – but when I do, they’re not nearly as interesting.

  4. Nice balls. No, hang on , that doesn’t quite work, does it?

  5. Nice Bowels? Er. Probably better not.

  6. I am just listening to ‘Current Puns’ on radio 4 hosted by Mr Stephen Fry about the structure of puns…

    I am dragging my fingers away from the keyboard as the ones I am thinking about at the moment are disgusting…

    Though when I think about MILFs everything is disgusting ;-P

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