MMC and MTAS – a direct appeal to Junior Doctors

This is a direct plea to junior doctors to hang on to their stethoscopes for at least another 6 months. These are the reasons why I really think it is worth it to hang on in there while the dust settles.

  1. MTAS won’t be used next year – recruitment will be done locally
  2. MMC will be changed
    • I believe that those who don’t get a number this time, even at S3 level, will be given a second chance. How gutted would you be to leave now and then find you could have got a number if you’d stayed?
    • I cannot second-guess the outcome of the Tooke Review in the way I can second guess the canning of MTAS, but it is clear that MMC won’t remain the same.
  3. You can leave but you can’t come back
    • If you wanted to become a Lawyer or work in the City you wouldn’t have spent the last 7, 10, 12, 15 years of your life working at becoming and being the best doctor you can be. Do you really want to give it up? Hang on in there for 6 or 12 months and stay current.
  4. The grass isn’t necessarily greener
    • Face it, there aren’t 8,000 vacancies in the City or the Legal profession. I’ll admit that’s an argument for leaving sooner. But how shitty would it be to abandon a profession you love and are good at and end up being a grockle in another profession because the market just got flooded with doctors?
  5. We still need doctors, and the locum rates will be pretty good while the dust settles
    • Face it, in the short term you will be able to get work. Intermittent, unreliable, below your level, in unfamiliar hospitals maybe. But you’ll be able to pay your mortgage and keep current while the dust settles.
  6. You don’t know what the future will be like till you get there
    • Many years ago I was facing a future of divorce, personal bankruptcy, loss of my house and the loss of my business. Just contemplating it made me hyperventilate, set off a bout of hysterical screaming tears and gave me panic attacks. I – quite literally – could not think about that future. When I got there I didn’t go bankrupt but everything else I described did happen. None of it was as bad as I expected, and some of it was actually rather fun. I enjoy my life now, and am hugely happier and more settled than I was in the years leading up to that time. The point that I am making is that just now this seems like the end of the world. But in fact it is just a spectacularly unpleasant and traumatic episode in what will be a long and healthy life. When you are looking back on this, you will always think of it as a horrible time of enormous stress and uncertainty. But you will also realise that it was just a turning point, and that the rest of your life is the rest of your life.
  7. If you can get a job in Australia, New Zealand or Canada go for it.
    • To be honest I’d give my eye teeth to be under 30 and going to live in any of those countries. They are great places to live and raise kids, and you would keep your options open.

  8. If you hang on in there, you can still be a medic. If you leave now, you never will be again.

18 responses to “MMC and MTAS – a direct appeal to Junior Doctors

  1. Excellent words of encouragement, Aphra. Full of lots of common sense and experience.

    What more can I say except that those young doctors who stay put, can in fact change the world to what they want it to be. I firmly believe that. They have already started to do it. What they have done so far is pretty momentous in the history of the NHS.

    And we will all, patients and doctors alike, benefit from that change way down the line.

    Just keep your heads calm, junior doctors, when everyone around you is losing theirs. This will pass.

  2. Thank you Witchdoctor.

    I just worry that down-hearted and fucked-over juniors will quit now just as the tide is turning.

    MTAS is a busted flush both technically and politically. MMC is going to be over-hauled. The BMA is haemorraging members, money and credibility. I have no way of knowing HOW next year will be different, but I absolutely do know it will.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. Hear, hear Aphra, I feel that too 🙂

    I always wanted to be a doctor but never made it and have never forgiven myself for not trying hard enough. Don’t leave medicine guys,

    “Things can only get bettterrrrr” You’ll see 😉

  4. You’re probably right, Aphra. It’s certainly worth waiting for the dust to settle. And, for sure, things can only get better.

  5. Well, at least Tony “toothpaste” Blair is leaving. Though I’ve no view of Gordon “the Manse mad” Brown at all.

    Whatever else happens, things will change.

    Thanks for commenting.


  6. Thanks. This is the only slightly positive thing I have read in months and it has come at just the right time – my partner has just found out she has not job come August.

  7. You guys have really been through it, and I really do feel for you.

    Fucking cunting MTAS.


  8. Have a look at the calibre of doctors who did not get a job in round 1 and risk being unemployed and totally ruined come August. A new database was started today on Remedyuk front page at Page does not require registration and all doctors participating are registered with Remedy. It is growing by the minute! Click “No jobs in round 1?”

    The DoH still recruiting doctors from abroad!


  9. That’s my point really. That MTAS failed to discriminate, and that some very talented doctors currently don’t have jobs. However the Hospitals still need doctors so short term jobs will be there in the next few weeks and months. MTAS will never be used again, and MMC will change.

    It’s so important to hang on past this worst stage of the nightmare.

    But my heart goes out to those who are not MTAS winners.


  10. What is round 2 going to do for FY2 doctors, who were told they were the streamlined lot and the first patch of MMC, hence guaranteed to go straight into run through training, if only to prove MMC was working! The majority concentrated on ONE speciality since graduation, thinking, that since they are guaranteed a run through post, better use the time to get experience in the speciality they like! How can those change speciality now?! Example, surgery, if you did your rotations in say, orthopedics and general, how can you now change to say, Obs & Gyn or Phsychiatry where there more chance of getting a post?! Those who go for surgery are usually exceedingly qualified and for their hard work, the skip is waiting!

  11. Those are the sorts of points that I’ve submitted to the Tooke Review, as have many others. That MMC needs (a) to be massively more flexible and (b) to take account of the real impact on each cohort. I cannot even promise that the Tooke Review will deliver anything sensible. But it is perfectly, completely and totally clear that he will not be able to claim that MMC is fine and dandy, and that there will therefore be changes.

    Sad – please – put just that point to Tooke. Don’t let others speak for you. Let your own voice be counted. At present Tooke has had fewer than 3,000 submissions – out of 30,000 doctors affected and 12,000 people on the march. Add yours to the number.


  12. I have Aphra, there is no allowance for free writing in the whole questionnaire as you know, hence, couldn’t add the bit above. That’s why I have posted the comment on as many blogs as I can. I hear he visits occasionally.

    All the best, (I am a fan here 🙂 )


  13. The Inquiry accepts direct submissions, and the Inquiry website has opened a forum here:

    I do believe that this is a genuine attempt to gather opinions and consult with the profession and with the rest of us who care.

    Thanks for reading and posting, and very best wishes.


  14. Thank you aphra, didn’t know about this forum, I will visit, many times 😉

    Good luck to your daughter, yourself, and the cat of course 🙂

  15. Well, the cat has the option of releiving its stress by going out, slaughering innocent wild-life, scrunching it up very noisily, and then sickicking it up on the carpet.

    I don’t have that luxury!

    Good luck to you and yours.


  16. I have now posted about F2s on the Tooke forum. Zizo is my username this time 🙂

    I too can’t live without them, my 2 cats, one is slim and brings in birds (sometimes big) and mice and displays her catch to me with great pride. She can’t understand when I srceam in horror, maybe thinks that’s how I show my praise of her hunting skills! The other is too fat and is asleep on the bench in the garden all day. I wish I can do the same!

    Thank you again Aphra,


  17. Thank you so much for that. I’m about to start studying medicine in September as a mature student, and virtually everything I read on the web is doom-laden about medicine as a career!

  18. My pleasure.

    M – there are things you simply have to do in order to be who you are, and if medicine is that for you – then go for it. It is still the most amaziing job. At least you are fore-warned. You will be able to tell well ahead of time what sort of maelstrom you are stepping in to – and five years is a long long time. It should have all blown over by then.

    Good luck, both of you.


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