Ain’t got no algorithm, baby

Just when I think I’ve got my head around the MTAS debacle, yet another thing happens which takes my breath away.

This, from Remedy’s website, reporting on the Judicial Review of MTAS:

Mr Greenfield states “The decision not to proceed with MTAS for matching candidates to training posts was taken as a result of recent security difficulties and the fact that the Defendant could not be certain that the algorithm necessary to operate the ‘single offer system’ would be effective.

That statement, right there, is worth the cash I put in their fighting fund.

That’s me, breathless again.

What can you say?

What can you fucking say?

5 responses to “Ain’t got no algorithm, baby

  1. *Makes trying-to-understand face*

    Nope, that hurt too much. Am too baffled. Algorithm? I mean, people, real ones, with legs and heads and families and everything, versus a non-operational algorithm.


  2. Not people, Darling, doctors. Everyone hates doctors. They like nurses but hate doctors. So that’s ok then.

    I’m not even at “angry” yet, I’m still at “stunned”.

    I’ve never been more glad that I work ifor a nice clean profit-motivated commercial organisation and not in the stinking, filthy, self-serving public service.


  3. Yes, Doctors who should get a life and understand that just because the NHS spent £250, 000 training them doesn’t mean they’re entitled to be employed, and just stop whinging.

    Doctors who are currently to be seen disapearing over hte horizon south of the equator.

  4. It’s not a question of being entitled to employment, that’s not the main issue, though you’d think anyone with half a brain would realise that increasing places at medical school is pointless unless there are also more posts to finish training.

    It seems that applications were handled by a system that might was well have been written for a GCSE programming project. Security that didn’t work, algorithms that might work on a good day, UK citizens rejected for not being UK citizens, applications lost from the system … no way to treat your employees. I am not a doctor but if my work decided we all had to reapply for our jobs on a system that crashed and lost our data, and didn’t distinguish between applicants in a sensible way, and you got one chance of progressing in the profession, I’d be furious and the company would do badly as well, since the best people could hardly be selected like that. One difference is I can simply leave and apply elsewhere, we don’t have central control in my profession.

    Imagine the outcry if UCAS dealt with 18 year old’s university applications as incompetently as this. And they haven’t invested years in what they are applying for. And they can apply again another year.

  5. You sum it up with masterful simplicty, Sarah. Perhaps we should change the system so that politicians who lose elections can never ever stand for public office again. Oh, and that they should have a net worth of -£30k, afterwards.

    Z – have a *hug* honey. Or maybe an airline ticket.

    Thanks, both, for reading and for commenting.


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