The Mock Turtle at the V&A

The Mock Turtle at the V&AI’ve been gadding about for a few days not thinking about MTAS, actually visiting friends, going to parties, seeing musicals, viewing exhibitions, attending funerals. You know how it is.

I have come home with a near infinite number of photographs of sculptural plants at Kew, and a collection of thoughts and experiences which need some time to settle down before I blog them.

In the meantime, this little chap in the V&A wrung my withers rather. The golden ossery or whatever it was which was resting on him and three of his friends did look extraordinarily heavy; he has spent the last half a dozen centuries or so weighed down with it, gently weeping, with no hope of relief.

Tenniel’s Mock TurtleHe reminded me strongly of Tenniel’s Mock Turtle, or possibly the Gryphon. You can see why?


3 responses to “The Mock Turtle at the V&A

  1. It rather looks like he’s been squashed doesn’t it? Poor little fellow

  2. It’s a take on Fallen Caryatid, surely?

  3. I thought he was rather a sweetie myself, Z.

    The only Fallen Caryatid I could find was by Rodin, Kerr, and this little chap is Medieval. She did look a little dented poor girl.


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