You can’t believe what you read in the news

You can’t believe what you read in the newsNarratives take such an odd variety of forms.

Some years ago I owned and ran a business, but since those days I have moved on professionally and domestically. This evening I was going through post that I had collected and I found a final demand from a provincial newspaper group for £1600 or so.

The last time I placed an ad in a provincial newspaper would have been over 12 years ago. Cute.

Then a couple of envelopes later I found a notice of Legal Proceedings saying that a court claim would be issued on a certain day a while ago. Ho hum.

I carried on opening my mail, and sure enough, there was an envelope containing the original invoices for however many months before. And finally a credit note, dated almost two weeks after the claim was supposedly issued by the court.

No letter. No apology. No nothing. Just a credit note.

I am trying to remember how long an organisation is allowed to keep information about customers under the Data Protection Act. I am going to ring the provincial newspaper tomorrow and ask them very sweetly if they know. Since I am a nice person most of the time I’ll ring the accounts department not the news desk.

As an odd little coda, there are no individuals’ names on any of the documentation other than the first name of the sales person and the first name of the person who placed the order. Now I am sure that our credit control letters went out over our credit controllers name.


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