I don’t have the words…

I don’t have the words to comment on this:

“The intimate details of thousands of junior doctors are left wide open on the Internet.” The report showed a spreadsheet displaying the sexual orientation, religion, criminal records, addresses, of MTAS applicants, which was freely available for anyone to see, or for any search-engine or data-trawler to harvest for hours or even days. I felt sick to my stomach as I watched.

“We apologise to any applicants whose details have been improperly accessed. This URL was made available to a strictly limited number of people making checks as part of the employment process”
– Department of Health statement


Just because you haven’t told many people the URL doesn’t make it safe. The naivete is mind-numbing. My mind is refusing to work when I try to think about the literally criminal incompetence of the IT technical staff involved. I like to hope that they were good techies over-ruled by evil managers. But however it happened, I am breathless with anger about this.

I would show the turd covered in glitter picture again, but this doesn’t include any glitter.

5 responses to “I don’t have the words…

  1. As you say – breathtaking incompetence and stupidity.

  2. I still cannot articulate my rage about this. I think it is partly because it touches my own profession that it angers me so, and partly because of the extreme vulnerability of those who trusted MTAS with such estremely sensitive data. Not to mention the patronising insoucience of the politicians.

    Breathe in, Aphra. Breathe out.


  3. Just another reason to not answer certain questions…

  4. Alas, I was born asking questions Dragonqueen.


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