Talking to Patsy

Oh look. The word for the day is obviously “access”.

Asking Patsy

It is suprisingly hard to write a question which she cannot answer with “because I said so” or in some other blustering and flanelly way.

I’ve tried “how can 6,000 hours of specialist medical training for a consultant be an improvement on 30,000 hours?” but she will burble on about assessments and better quality of training.

I don’t have adequate details to hand for “why did you lie to the house of commons about MMC” and without the details, she’ll claim she didn’t.

And I’d need details to ask her “why won’t you see constituents who work for the NHS, even if they want to talk to you about matters other than the NHS?”

And all the time I want to say “do you have any idea how much I dislike and dispise you, you self-aggrandising and power-crazed cow?”

But when I have some nice sharp questions, I’ll be emailing them to Patsy.


5 responses to “Talking to Patsy

  1. You have my sympathies, Aphra. I knew PH when she was General Secretary of the National Council for Civil Libertis – now Liberty – [yes, she really was: a smart career move]. She was a condescending snootypuss then, just as she is even more i ntloerably now. Her colleague as Legal Officer was Harriet Harman. We used to call it the Pattie & Hattie show. It was indeed – they both acquired husbands there. Oh dear me…..

  2. BTW, Aphra, can you please rearrange your site so that the comments box isn’t partly obscured by other msaterial on the right had side? It’s impossible to see one’s own comments, so editing them is difficult. Hence the typos in my previous item.

  3. I’ll have a crack at sorting it out. When I look at it, the comments box isn’t obscured, but it is probably the More Doctors / More Doctors Unemployed which is making a mess of things in that right hand column.

    The Pattie and Hattie show. *giggle*

    Her history with the National Council for Civil Liberties will make interesting test of her integrity if she ends up with the bits of the Home Office that John Reid doesn’t want.

    “Condescending Snootypuss” yep. That’s our Ms Patronising Hubris down to a T.


  4. It gets worse – I have a dear friend, now aged 97 and still as bright as a button, who wrily admits to having introduced PH’s parents to one another at a Canberra diplomatic reception. She doesn’t tell this to many people, in case they feel tempted to lynch her!

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