As others see us

Aphra BouvierI spent two days last week on a training course learning how to be a leader. I am, it seems, now suitably trained for the reception of any alien delegations.

One of the down-time exercises was learning to draw cartoons and making portraits of our fellow trainees using our new found skill. Here’s the portrait of me. I do feel it has captured my inner Marge Simpson rather well. In fact, it’s a dead-ringer for one of her sisters, isn’t it? Hmmmm.

The other thing I discovered is that – when you are asked what you’ve learned from a communication exercise – do NOT say “Don’t put on a blindfold without agreeing a safe word first”.

Probably better if the aliens are taken to someone else, really.

3 responses to “As others see us

  1. Oh dear, I used to run these sort of things and this one sounds pretty ghastly.

    By “alien delegations”, do you mean midgets from outer space?

  2. Oh, I rather like this sort of thing. Mind you, I am good at thinking metaphorically and taking a skill or a lesson learned in one situation and generalising it to another situation. And it beats working!

    Midgets from out of space. Deffo. Though if they did get taken to see Dubbya, maybe they’d take him away and give him a thoroughly thorough anal probing! Yeah. Take the aliens to Dubbya please!


  3. Surely they would acclaim him as one of their own? Getting a midget from outer space into the White House must have been quite a feather in their cap. Not to mention Ahmadinnerjacket [who has a much nicer smile than Dubbya’s].

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