Building Site Collage

Building Site Collage - Bizzarely popular for some reason

I downloaded Picasa2 the other day. Always late to the party, me. It does make it very easy to see and find photos on my PC and I quite like the collage utility, but I’d prefer to have a bit more control over it.

When I get my brain back, I’ll start blogging again. But in the meantime you’ll have to put up with random stuff off my hard-drive.

6 responses to “Building Site Collage

  1. This post gets a regular stream of hits for no reason that I can fathom.

    Please – satisfy my curiosity and tell me what you were searching for instead of this when you landed here.


  2. It was in the sidebar. I wondered why it was popular. It has reached the famed tipping point, much like the BBC’s ‘man marries a goat’ story.

    (Actually I thought it said ‘collEge’. No more interesting, mind.)

  3. Thank you Scribbler. Maybe I should just change the title of the post to “Man marries goat” and be done with it! 🙂

    I still think peeps are finding it by searching for something specific though.

    Anyone going to ‘fess up what it is they fail to find when they land here?


  4. I’m still curious about why this post is so popular.

    Do people come here because they miss-type collEge as collAge ?

  5. I actually searched “collage” in google images and noticed the polaroid with that yellow plastic shit in it and I was like “wtf is that a picture of?”

  6. As of right now, searching for the word “collage” on Google image search returns this image as the 11th hit. I guess that why. Must be a whole buncha people searching for collages…

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