And for their next trick….

Here’s a question for you, and it’s a serious one.

Ms Hubris will be reshuffled out of the DoH when Commissar Brown inherits the throne in the summer.

What happens next? Which of Brown’s rottweilers will be pointed at the NHS? What will their brief be?

And most importantly, what should we be doing now to brace ourselves for the change-over?


3 responses to “And for their next trick….

  1. Hi Aphra

    Yes, I agree, PH will go (and be glad to). I suppose it is not her fault she cannot open her mouth without sounding patronising – probably congenital – but she has to go somewhere where the general public do not have to listen to her. I don’t think he will sack her completely, as that would be an admission that she cocked up the NHS.

    So where will she go?

    And who will take over the “Oh f…k not health” portofolio?

    I love political speculation, so you need to offer a bottle of virtual chamagne (or, as a lover of words, would you say a virtual bottle of champagne?) to the person who gets both questions right.

    My bet is:

    Hewitt becomes Leader of the House

    I would like Alan Johnson to get health…but he will not, particularly as he will probably be DPM. Darling has the nouse but will be Chancellor. Balls would be interesting, but Gordon probably likes him too much to shit on him by giving him health………….no, the answer is obvious.

    It has to be that promising young man, Dave Milliband. That would be perfect. A challenging portfolio as a “reward” for being clever, and at the same time the shittiest portfolio (except you are not allowed to say that) for daring even to suggest that he might challenge Gordon.

    The speculaton gets more interesting – Once Milliband realises that he is going to get Health, he WILL challenge for the leadership as he will truly have nothing to lose….

    Don’t ya love it!


  2. You see, I don’t like Westminster and I don’t like Ambridge either, though Ambridge at least doesn’t reduce me to terrified rage.

    A plague on all their houses say I.

    Thank you for picking this up Dr C.


  3. It will be Kelly, Crippen may not like her voice, does she actually sing baritone? Millipede will not get Health, given the mess the whole service is in it will be a sacrificial sheep, and I am off to the betshop to see what odds I can get, it is the National tomorrow.

    As to Patsy, how about the bits of the Home Office that “Dr” John Reid doesn’t want.

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