Sprinkling fairy dust wherever she goes

It’s still a turdSo Ms Hubris has apologised.

Tweet fucking tweet.

The apology includes the phrase:

The new system of MMC I think everybody supports

No you stupid cow. That’s what’s wrong.
Modernising Medical Careeers is the turd.
MTAS was just the fucking glitter.

11 responses to “Sprinkling fairy dust wherever she goes

  1. Hmmm. I just came here to ask if you caught her on the Today program this morning…

    It was at around a quarter past eight if you want to listen again. Was cross that Jim let her wriggle away from it back to the guff about maternity services 😦

  2. Good job I didn’t Kelli. I’d have been expleting all day.

    On the other hand…. It looks as if the president of the Royal College of Surgeons is about to do a Claire Short.

    Here’s an appropriate picture….

    …which comes from rom the talented Cal.

    Thanks for popping by Kelli.


  3. Honestly. What a load of crap.

    Just like your picture.

    Oops, I meant that your picture SHOWS a load of crap, not that your picture IS a load of crap.

    Ok you understand.

  4. Hmph. How to make it look like you’re listening and apologising, without apparently having done either! Mutter mutter mutter.

  5. I’m not really following the thread here, but I sure do like the picture! Do you have one dipped in roasted almonds? Mmmm…

  6. No, Paddy, but I would dearly love a picture of Tony’s nuts covered in ….

    Sorry. Not even I at my most scatalogical can take that one to its logical conclusion.

    Singing Librarian, you’ve got it in one.

    Cal, why thank you! I like your pictures too. 😉

    Stay well, peoples.


  7. And do you know, when I heard it on the radio yesterday, I didn’t realise it was an apology. It seemed the same sort of thing as saying ‘No offense, but…’ before being incredibly rude.

    They did a piece on you and yours about it today – first item if you listen again (never thought I’d be recommending *anyone* should listen even a first time to YaY) with an interview with a chap from Northern Ireland Medics who ws pointing out not only the inherent unfairness of the system but also why it is bad for patients too – first time I’ve heard that on the media.

  8. I’ve thought for sometime that patzy was actually mad. But real confirmation came when asked to comment on the sailors taken hostage in Iran all she could muster was some blather about how dreadful it was that young Fay was smoking a fag.

    Can’t you medics just haul her away to a padded cell, and stop all her nonsensical “policies” while there is still some NHS left to save

  9. I’m not sure there is a better way of putting that… great post! Michelle

  10. Rem acu tetegisti

  11. Kelli, I think the combination of Hewitt and “you and yours” would provoke projectile vomiting. Let me recommend podcasts if you are going stir crazy with Radio 4. Podcasts have changed my life.

    If only it was that legal, tsarsma. Unfortunately all the medics I know still have ethical principles. I’ve said elsewhere that if I wouldn’t be Patsy and ill because someone, somewhere might think she was worth being struck off for. I doubt she’ll have a painless injection ever again.

    Thank you, Michelle. What worries me is while she focusses attention on MTAS the mainstream media won’t run the story and she’ll dumb down the profession without patients even knowing it’s happened. Is the woman a homeopath?

    Not with a ten foot bargepole I wouldn’t, J Z. But thank you.


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