Eye of the beholder – 2

I downloaded the google desktop package yesterday.

My wallpaper is a NASA photograph of the sunset from Mars, and I like the bleak austerity of it and widgets just get in the way. I have however kept two of them. One is a google search entry box which is about 4cm wide and just over 1cm high, and not intrusive. The other scrolls through “My Pictures” and shows me what it finds there, fading and changing every 30 seconds or so.

It’s odd how compelling I find these images. Much more compelling than random images. But I guess what I find powerful is the composition, and that can hardly be a surprise since I would have spent a minute or three composing each of them, so their composition and content demonstrates very purely how I view the world. This seems to be asymetrically, without people and against the light.

For me as they flick past in the top right corner of the screen, they are pure signal with no noise.

Mind you, in a column at the bottom of this page, they just look muddled.

Oh well.


Roof at Alton Towers


Cows I know to wave to

Summer Sculpture - II

Alton Towers

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas, and all good things for 2007

Coffee * Flats * Cottages

Botanical Ball - Cactus Lyrics

St Paul’s from Bankside

Inside the old mansion at Alton Towers

Botanical Ball - “Baby it’s Cold Outside”

Longbridge 6

Kinver Edge I

New Bench


The Tower from the South Pier - II

“Keep Out” - Full Tide

Longbridge 5

Mist in the Valley

The Largest Gitterball in the World


Longbridge 1






2 responses to “Eye of the beholder – 2

  1. the photos are awesome!

  2. Thank you Tammy. I take rather a lot though – these are just some of the less manky ones.

    I hadn’t realised that I have the photographic equivalent of a voice – a lens perhaps – a style – and that you can in fact look at a bunch of my photos and know they were taken by me. It’s not that obvious from the selection here, but it was very obvious while Google desktop was showing them to me one at a time.


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