Milk: a matter of taste

Cows I know to wave to

I realised the other day that the milk I get on the doorstep is definitely sweeter and gentler than supermarket milk. It tastes richer and less metallic. Then I realised it comes from cows I know to wave to:


4 responses to “Milk: a matter of taste

  1. At different times of the year milk tastes different, according to what the cows have been eating.
    I wonder if global warming will change that? It won’t be necessary to put the cows inside over the winter and feed them dried stuff if the grass is still growing outside all winter.
    How cool to be personally acquainted with the coos which supply your dairy needs.

  2. I don’t know her socially, just to wave to.



  3. cow waving?

  4. Better than cow tipping. I’m convinced that’s an urban legend. Er, a rural legend. Er….. made up.



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