Modernising Medical Careers isn’t Working

Original Image from Remedy

I know, I know, I’ve got too much time on my hands, but a little light photoshopping is a nice displacement activity while I sit around to see whether or not the rumour is true that Crockard is going to resign. I doubt it. [It is! He has! Woo Hoo! – Way to go Lindsay Cooke!]

In the meantime, I’d like to draw your attention to two informative and thought-provoking comments I’ve received on my blog entries.

Vinay Shanthi has posted a detailed explanation of exactly how we’ve stitched up the International Medical Graduates. See these goalposts? No. You don’t. We’ve not just moved them. We’ve taken them away. (My sarcasm).

And the Witch Doctor raises some particularly interesting questions about Feminising Medical Careers. What a radical thought.

Professor Steve FieldIn the meantime I will leave you with a portrait of someone who is neither an IMG nor a woman, someone in fact who is positively 19th century in his sleek, smug paternalism. See the books, indicating learning. See the gentle smile, indicating kindly wisdom. See the eyes, so farsighted, so sincere. This gentleman, who would no doubt prefer a properly gilded frame instead of a shoddily photoshopped one, is Professor Steve Field, Regional Postgraduate Dean of the West Midlands. A clever white man.

We do have one reason to be grateful to him.

He ran the West Midlands Deanery so shabbily that the West Midlands Surgeons, may their light-sabres always thrum, refused to indicate the candidates selected by MTAS, thereby turning the whole sordid mess into a News Item.

Thanks, Steve.


6 responses to “Modernising Medical Careers isn’t Working

  1. The following blog
    has a statement from Sir Liam Donaldson about Prof Crockards resignation but I do not know where he got it from.

  2. Neither do I. I’ve searched the DH site and the governement news site it points to.

    Thanks Louise.


  3. Thought you might like to read this:

    It seems in Scotland they have decided everyone who has applied is going to have an interview for everything they have applied for. Probably not workable going forward but for this year at least seems the only solution.

  4. Finally some good news on a Friday – I went to bed after my night wondering what sort of choas I’d wake up to.


  5. Aphra, I took the old fashioned step of ringing the DH this morning & asking!

  6. You mean, you like spoke to them? Really to them?

    How analogue.




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