Flutterby butterfly

Butterfly mind?I feel slightly awkward in my own blogspace these days. It’s been whizzy-fun checking my blogstats, especially after Dr Crippen larged me up two weeks in a row, but he described me as a medical blogger, and I’m not. I’m passionate, but not medical.

My original foray into medical blogging was because I had things to day that no-one else was saying at the time. I wanted to explain MMC to those who weren’t affected, and cast some light on MTAS for those who were. I’ve done that. The West Midland Surgeons, may their scalpels always be sharp, awoke the national press into the realisation that it is about having fewer specialist trainees and not just about another NHS computer cock-up.

I feel I’ve done what I can usefully do. Others are closer to events and better informed. I have – since I can never resist using jargon – stopped providing any value-add. And I have stuff to say about other things anyway.

I do have a couple of MMC-related posts brewing. One is an explanation of why I believe that the architects of MMC and of MTAS should resign, but I need to check a couple of references for that one first. The other compares medical careers before and after Ms Patronising Hubris got her fingers on them, but I’m not publishing that one until I’ve worked “post-modern” in as a decent pun. I have no doubt there’ll be others when some other aspect of this lunacy strikes me.

You see, the tagline of this blog is “danger of eclectic shock”. The dictionary defines “eclectic” as “made up of or combining elements from a variety of sources”. In days so long gone I hope you don’t remember them, there used to be a small advertisement in the newspapers asking if you were “worried about your butterfly mind”.

I’m not.

I miss it, and would rather like it back, please.


8 responses to “Flutterby butterfly

  1. For one horrible moment, I thought you were going to be bidding us farewell! Then I got to the end and saw not. What a relief. I’ve enjoyed your medical posts, but I also look forward to some butterfly action.

  2. Oh no. I’m staying. 🙂 I’m just going to be resume normal service. I’ve got plans for a post about a naked french girl and another about the gamer generation. I might write about the church that looks like a power station. Stuff like that.

    I feel passionately about MMC and (as the placard almost says) about my healthcare, their training, her cock-up but I don’t want dilute the signal of those who are better informed with noise, so I’ll only be posting on the subject if I’ve got something to say that no-one else seems to be saying.

    Thanks for the nice words, Charlotte.


  3. I first saw your site because of the MTAS posts – they were so horrifying, and intelligent, and it was nice to have the view of someone not directly involved who could understand and explain some of the management position as well. I am not a doctor and never thought much about the NHS until my youngest child got cancer, then I realised how much we need them to be there and excellent in a crisis. And they were. But for how much longer? I hope you continue to keep an eye on the topic since it seems doctors’ own concerns may be brushed aside as self seeking elitism.

  4. Well, it didn’t last long, did it…?

    Sarah, thanks for commenting. I wanted to write for people like you (and me) who aren’t directly involved but who are interested.

    As you can see, I can’t take my eyes away from it.


  5. After publishing your four points on what makes a good doctor (essential reading for any doctor), you’ll have to work harder to rid your eclectations from being labelled as a medical blog.

  6. Hmmmm. I’ve got a picture of a naked French girl I want to post. Maybe that’ll do it.


  7. Naked French, or naked girl?

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