“MMC – Medicine Mismanaged by c**ts”

I guess I ought to distinguish my serious rants (like the one about Supporting the Troops) from the flippant ones which are merely there for effect (like the one about tea).

Here’s something I am serious about. It has only recently been picked up by the news media, but the British government has changed the system whereby junior doctors apply for jobs in the UK. This would not matter that much, but it is using the new improved system to cull them. You see, some junior and some not so junior doctors are surplus to requirements in this Brave New World of New Labour partly because they are now being given less time to gain the skills needed to become consultants. It’s worse than I’ve made it sound here, because the government is taking the opportunity to withdraw the work-permits and visas of overseas doctors who were lured here with promises of jobs a few years ago, so not only are we exporting home-grown doctors we are deporting foreign-born ones.

There is a lot being written about it in some corners of the Internet.

This link will take you to a post of links. I like it for its graceful and elegant use of the Anglo Saxon. Each of the highlighted words links to individual/s who have been affected by this.

It can be summed up by pictures I have taken from another of Dr Rant’s posts. The first is an election poster from 24 months or so ago. The second represents the truth of the situation.

More Doctors

More Doctors Enemployed

Do you know what really scares me about this? When doctors decide to commit suicide, they succeed. The anguish and despair that comes through from the personal blogs of those involved is very frightening. It worries me.

If this is something that affects you (ie if you are a UK citizen at home or abroad) then please add your name to the Downing Street petition. If a million marchers cannot prevent a war, then a few thousand signatures won’t change **** Blair’s mind, but they will show support and solidarity with a battered and beleagured group of our hardest working and most needed young people.

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  1. Done.

    I’ve been reading about this too. I just can’t believe what a shambles the NHS has become at the hands of this *Labour* government.

  2. I posted a reply to yoru comment Earthpal, and then the internet ate it. 😦

    Thank you for reading and thanks for commenting.

    I’ve been reading the literature on best practice for candidate assessment (I don’t know how I’ll manage without my academic username and password when I have to give them up).

    It seems that self-assessed competency questions are one of the best ways of assessing candidates you have not met when done right and one of the very worst when done wrong. It is the contextual stuff which makes the method invalid, (whether candidates are used to this form of assessement, whether they believe it to be relevant and fair), and the way it has been implemented has completely invalidated it.

    It’s such a mess. And the really nasty thing is the number of members of the public who seem to think that doctors are unecessary, overpaid and spoilt prima-donnas. This sort of abuse is really distressing to read and I am not a doctor.

    Who knows what the outcome will be.

    Those of you who are rading this, if you are entitled to sign the petition, please do so to show solidarity with them. It’ll make bugger all difference to the government’s actions, but it may help confirm to the doctors that we know we need them.


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