Radio Treats

A day of unexpected musical treats:

Sunday Worship
“… Choral Matins according to the Book of Common Prayer, in a new jazz setting composed by Roderick Williams, sung by Schola Cantorum of Oxford and accompanied by the Chris Hill Trio.” Listen again (for the next 7 days) here:

I lack the words to write about music, and the knowledge to understand what I hear, but I did find myself responding to this quite powerfully. I was raised on the Book of Common Prayer, and to hear Cranmer’s words from the church where Cranmer was tried in such a different and frankly joyous setting was enthralling.


Drama on 3 – Hooligan Nights
“The brutal world of London gangland in the 1890s is brought vividly to life in an innovative new musical created by writer Mike Walker and composer Mike Woolmans. Loosely based on the book by Clarence Rook, it recounts the criminal career of Alf, a self-styled Lambeth hooligan.” Listen again to this for the next 7 days.

At first I thought I was listening to a version of Brighton Rock from John Entwistle. I have no idea if John Entwistle would write a version of Brighton Rock, but if he did some of it would sound like some of this. There are shades of Moll Flanders here too. Much of it is excellent and most of it is clever. The trio when Alf and Allie are passing off forged banknotes to a curtain draper is – well, I’ve already said I can’t write about music, so let’s just say I thought it worth listening to.

Oh, and a half hour programme from Radio 4:

Who wrote Bach’s Toccata?
(Here for 7 days from the 13th)

I didn’t hear the original, but the snippet I got on Pick of the Week included a version on the violin and a rock version on electric guitar (which I really should recognize) and made me want to listen again.


4 responses to “Radio Treats

  1. Thank you vm, Aphra Behn. I couldn’t visit your blog yesterday as it was a hectic day for me. But I am sure I’ll follow your advice and listen to those links you give in the next days.

  2. Only if you have the time, Jose. We may not have the same musical taste afterall.



  3. I like all kinds of music, classical, modern, rock’n roll, jazz, pop, country, any one, the only condition is that it is not noisy.

  4. Hi guys-

    I hadn’t heard that about thefamous toccata. Interesting. Spurious works seem to be uncovered all the time in the classical scene. Sometime young composers use pseudonyms too. It’s hard to sift through.
    Whatever the case may be, if you’re debating whether it’s Bach or not. It must be pretty darn good.

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