Whither do you wander?

The police: How do you want your call directed?

Aphra: I’d like to speak to someone about road traffic, please

The police: How can I help you?

Aphra: I’d like to report a goose in the road – it’s a live goose, just wandering around

The police: Thank you very much. It has already been reported. Is it on Long Hill?

Aphra: That’s the one. It’s fine. Admiring itself in a car. But it might be a danger to traffic.

The police: It’s all right. We are sending our finest goose-catchers to catch it.

I wouldn’t have been so amused, but it was an urban street.


6 responses to “Whither do you wander?

  1. And that’s friday evening started with loud husband-startling laughter. “Admiring itself ina car…”, oh dear, oh dear I can’t stop giggling. I have no idea why. I haven’t even had my Friday Night Special yet (double gin and tonic, of course).

  2. A loose goose, huh?

    Do you know of Katerina in The Other Goose, who looks at her reflection in car doors hoping that the other goose will come out of the car and be her friend? A sad story but with a happy ending. I get to read it quite often.

  3. In San Rafael, where we used to live, the ducks and geese that frequented the Marin Lagoon at the Marin Civic Center Park had a habit of nesting across the MCC Drive where there was a little meadowlands. It was so common for ducks and geese to be leading their families across the road to the water that the county had a special warning sign made: Duck Crossing, with a large duck followed by a line of little ducklings as the image. It was not unusual in the spring to find traffic stopped, waiting patiently for a family to make its way across the street.

  4. That was exactly what the goose was doing, Charlotte, though I assumed that it was about to pick a fight with itself. I drove back very slowly that evening to see if I could spot the car with goose-dents in the door.

    How delightful, hmh. Mamma birds with sweeties really are charming, aren’t they?


  5. Sad we haven’t got geese on the loose here, but I can imagine.

  6. There’s a goose loose aboot this…urban thoroughfare.

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